Desserts and Beverages
Dessert & Beverages to round off your unique dining experience.  
Savour the flavour of our delicious range of Langage Farm ice creams. All our ice cream deserts are accompanied by delicious vanilla wafers. 
Also available are liqueurs, coffee, wine or spirits from our bar.  
All served by our friendly, helpful staff.  
We stock a large range of luxurious ice creams from Langage Farm, including the following flavoured favourites: 
Banoffee Pie 
Banana ice cream, rippled with a caramel sauce and crunchy biscuit pieces. Exquisite! 
Beefeater Gin & Lemon 
Delicious Beefeater Gin ice cream, made with real alcohol. Delightful! 
Courvoisier Brandy & Morello Cherry 
Delicious Courvoisier Brandy & Morello Cherry Ice cream, made with real alcohol. The ice melts! 
Brandy Chunky 
Autumn fruits with crunchy crumble pieces, unusual & delicious. Elegant! 
Caramel Pecan Crunch 
Crunchy praline pecans with caramel sauce, laced through delicious praline ice cream. Heavenly! 
Chocolate Overload 
White chocolate ice cream, crammed with white & dark chocolate buttons, with ribbons of a divine dark chocolate sauce. Dreamy! 
Chunky Ginger 
Delicious vanilla ice cream, laced with chrystalised ginger from Asia. A real taste of the Orient! 
Classic Vanilla 
The classic taste of vanilla ice cream with the richness of Langage Farm Jersey milk & cream. Inviting! 
Clotted Cream Vanilla 
Something extra special, ice cream with the taste of Devon clotted cream. Luxurious! 
Jersey Crunch 
Classic vanilla rippled with fudge sauce & chunks of chocolate malt. Delightful! 
Lemon Meringue 
A traditional favourite in an ice cream. Divine! 
Malibuy, coconut & pineapple ice cream, made with real alcohol. Delicious! 
Raspberries & Cream 
Made from Langage own creamy ice cream, bursting with the taste of lush raspberries. Amazing! 
South Sea Sensation 
White coconut ice cream, rippled through with a velvety chocolate sauce. Beautiful! 
Strawberries & Cream 
Clotted cream ice cream with the taste of Summer. Classic! 
Tia Maria & Amoretti Biscuit 
Delicious Tia Maria & Amoretti Biscuit ice cream, made with real alcohol. Tantilising! 
Thunder & Lightening 
A luxury clotted cream ice cream laced with honeycomb pieces. 
Volcanic Ash 
This ice cream will make your mouth pop! liquorice flavour with popping candy. 
* All flavours are subject to availability 
Why not try one of our thirst-quenchin hot or cold beverages from the bar, including: 
Soft Drinks: 
* Coke 
* Lemonade 
* Fruit Juices 
* Cobra Indian Beer (draught) 
* Bitter - Country Life 
* Cider - Bulmers 
* Bells Whisky 
* J&B Scotch Whisky 
* Jameson Irish Whisky 
* Schmirnoff Vodka 
* Southern Comfort 
* Archers 
* Martini 
* Malibu 
* Pimms 
Fortified Wine: 
* Port 
* Sherry 
* Baileys 
* Cointreau 
* Tia Maria 
Why not round off your dining experience with one of our exquisite coffee liqueurs?  
Our coffee liqueurs include: 
* Irish Whisky, a firm favourite! 
* Tia Maria, smooth & silky! 
* Cointreau, a touch of class! 
* Brandy, mouth-watering! 
Please note that we are unable to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.  
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